Create your own videos for social media, marketing and employee communications

Create your own videos for social media, marketing and employee communications

A recent survey of the top brands on Facebook, found that users shared video content twelve times more often than photos and text combined. Yet many businesses don't currently use video as part of their social media activities. We asked some small and medium business owners to why - this is what they said:

- I’m not sure how to get started

- I’m worried about harming my brand with poor quality video

- I’m concerned about the cost

Based on that feedback, we created YouShoot - a unique way for businesses to create their own videos for social media and web, using their existing smartphones, tablets and cameras.

You shoot your video whenever and wherever suits you - we take your material and edit it to create a high-quality finished video, ready for you to add to your blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed

YouShoot - Video for Social Media

This two-part beginners course shows you how to plan and shoot your videos using your existing smartphone, tablet or video-capable camera.

You'll take part in practical exercises to help you identify your business objectives and target audience, before planning out the content of your video.

We'll give you easy-to-follow guidance on key areas including:

- setting up your camera

- selecting the right location

- capturing different kinds of shots

- using different kinds of light

- getting good sound

We'll also introduce you to some "secret weapons" - low-cost accessories that can make a huge difference to your videos.

We encourage all students to bring their own phones, tablets and cameras to the course to use during the practical exercises.

Courses are taught in small groups with a maximum of eight students to ensure that every student received individual attention.

After your first session, you will have the skills to start producing your first social media videos.

The second session takes place 4 weeks later, providing an opportunity to talk about what you've done and any challenges you experienced. We'll also give you some more advanced coaching on lighting, sound and editing, to help you to plan even more effective videos in the future.

Call 01491 818569 or email to book your place today.

YouShoot Community

The YouShoot Community is an exclusive online forum which provides an opportunity to discuss ideas, ask questions, celebrate successes and share your finished video projects.

We also use the YouShoot Community to answer your questions and provide online support and top-up refresher training.

YouShoot Editing Service

Many people are happy to shoot their own video content but would prefer to outsource the process of editing the material, adding titles, photos, graphics and music.

Our fixed-price, pay-as-you-go editing service does all of this, delivering a finished video which we upload to YouTube on your behalf.

We'll then show you how to simply share your video via your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn page or website.

YouShoot Standard Editing Package - £150

Our standard editing package delivers a finished video up to 2 minutes long, with simple introductory titles and end-credits based on your logo and branding. You can add up to three still photos or graphics. We can even add your choice of music track from a huge range of copyright-cleared music.

We'll upload your finished video to your YouTube channel, ready for you to begin sharing with your prospects, clients, friends and followers.

YouShoot Enhanced Editing Package

If your video needs more complex editing and post-production - no problem! Simply tell us what you need and we'll give you a fixed price.

YouShoot Advanced Courses

Our advanced courses focus on helping you to develop your skills in specific areas including:

- Using your DSLR camera for video

- Creative use of lighting

- Getting better sound

- Video editing and special effects

YouShoot Corporate Training Courses

If your business or organisation needs to produce videos on a regular basis, we can work with your marketing, training and HR teams to develop their ability to create compelling video content in-house.

Training can be on a one-to-one or group basis. Training takes place at your premises using your own cameras, editing software and other equipment, so your employees can immediately put their new skills to work.

Course content includes:

* Understanding the audience

* Storyboarding

* Selecting participants and locations

* Video and sound recording techniques

* Editing and post-production

* Delivering the finished video content

Email us at for more information.

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